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Dive and Stay on nusa penida

Dive & Stay Packages and Learn & Stay Packages

Why book a learn & stay or DIVE & STAY package?

We think the easiest way to organise your dive trip is to book yourself one of our Nusa Penida Dive & Stay / Learn & Stay Packages.
We’ve included all transfers, great accommodation on the island just 1 minute walk from our dive centre and the beach, your diving, snacks and refreshments onboard as well as lunch in a local cafe on a beach. Deluxe rooms are equipped with AC, TV, hot water and king-size beds. There is a spacious pool in the hotel and another one in our dive centre.
The only decision you’ll have to make while on Nusa Penida is where to have dinner.
Take a look at what we’ve prepared for you and see for yourself!

Learn & STAY Packages

open water diver course
Learn & STay package


8,100,000 IDR (3 nights, 4 days)

Approximate price in EUR, GBP, USD

Learn & Stay package


7,725,000 IDR (3 nights, 4 days)

Approximate price in EUR, GBP, USD


Diving Nusa Penida

2 nights, 3 days, 4 diveS

Nusa Penida Dive & stay package


4,800,000 IDR per person

Approximate price in EUR, GBP, USD

3 nights, 4 days, 6 dives


6,550,000 IDR per person

Approximate price in EUR, GBP, USD

4 nights, 5 days, 8 dives


8,300,000 IDR per person

Approximate price in EUR, GBP, USD

Dive & Stay package

5 nights, 6 days, 10 dives


9,450,000 IDR per person

Approximate price in EUR, GBP, USD

Nusa penida Dive and stay packages

Safety, booking, payment and cancellation policies


Please allow for the sufficient surface interval before you take a flight after your last dive. We’d recommend you to consider planning your flight no earlier than 24 hours after your last dive.
Your package schedule can be easily adjusted to meet that requirement – just let us know your flight time.

Package offers Discounts

We discount our packages only if you bring and use your complete set of scuba gear.
Please, let us know you’re bringing your own wetsuit, BCD, fins, boots, mask and regulator while making your booking with us. You’ll get your discounted package price.

Package booking

Nusa Penida is a popular dive destination.
We strongly recommend you to book your package well in advance.
For now our packages are based on the availability of rooms and bungalows at Ring Sameton Hotel, Nusa Penida. We are unable to provide package offers based on any other accommodation in the area.
We are in the process of building our awesome rooms for you.
Though we really like Ring Sameton Hotel and always recommend it to our friends and guests, however we do not control neither staff nor facilities there.
If you decide to stay in one of other accommodations nearby – feel free to choose any using one of the many available online booking platforms.

Package payment

In order to secure the accommodation and spots on the boat for the desired dates we will need 30% advance on the selected package.
We accept the payment via PayPal, Wise as well as traditional SWIFT banking transfer.
Please, note that every payment platform and/or payment service provider applies different charges on the transaction.
Payment via PayPal is accepted in USD and attracts 3% surcharge,
Settling with foreign (non-Indonesian) credit or debit card attracts 3% surcharge.
Please, keep in mind that we are located on a remote island. Though we do accept credit and debit cards, sometimes your only option to settle the bill might be cash due to the lack or absence of a cellular connection and Internet on the island.

Cancellation and refund policy

Life is usually full of surprises and sometimes they are not exactly what we expect.
We strongly recommend you arrange travel insurance for your holiday, which may help you to smooth out unforeseen problems that might occur during your trip (hopefully not).
If you decide to or have to cancel your booked trip or package last minute – we won’t be able to refund.
We will definitely do our best to help our guests out and reschedule the booked trip, though sometimes it’s simply not possible.

All Nusa Penida Fun diving, Dive&Stay Packages, SSI Courses and Learn&Stay Packages
If you wish to cancel your booking 30 or more days prior to the booked date – we’ll refund the full amount (excluding transfer fees and charges). We will return 50 percent of the paid deposit if the cancellation is made within the period of 30 to 20 days prior to your booking. If you cancel less than 20 days prior to your booking your deposit is non-refundable.

We do recommend you to take care of your travel insurance prior or immediately after booking your Dive & Stay / Learn & Stay Package. That will make your life easier.

custom made nusa penida dive & stay or learn & stay packages

You might have looked through our packages but did not fid anything suiting your needs.
No worries, we’ve got that covered – let us know your plans and we will prepare a custom-made offer for you.