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Take a look at the SSI Advanced Programs we teach. Whether it is DeepWaves, Tides and CurrentsPhoto and Video or any other of the SSI Programs – it would seriously enhance your diving skills. If you are not sure which one you like most – ask us, we’ll be happy to help you!

Are you looking for some particular program but it’s not listed on our site? Check the official SSI Advanced Scuba Training page and let us know – most probably, we’ll be able to teach it. Unless it’s a Dry Suit or Ice Diver Specialty, of course. 


SSI ADvanced Adventurer

Advanced Scuba Training
Advanced Adventurer Course
Sharpen your diving skills
Next step in your dive training where you can learn new skills and have more fun! This is what the SSI Advanced Adventurer Course is about.


4,500,000 IDR
per person (2 days, 5 dives)

Approximate price in EUR, GBP, USD

SSI DIver stress & Rescue

Advanced Scuba Training
Diver Stress and Rescue
Learn how to help others
Become a SSI Rescue Diver with us, learn how to help others in an emergency, master life-saving skills on Nusa Penida with Pure Dive Resort!


5,000,000 IDR
per person (3 days)

Approximate price in EUR, GBP, USD


Advanced Scuba Training
Deep Diving
Plan your dive and dive down to 40 meters
Learn to plan your dive and go down to 40 meters safely and with confidence. Become an SSI Deep Diver and explore the deeper part of Nusa Penida dive sites, this is where the coolest things hang out!


4,200,000 IDR
per person (2 days, 4 dives)

Approximate price in EUR, GBP, USD


Advanced Scuba Training
EAN Nitrox
Extend your bottom time
Extend your bottom time by learning how to dive on Enriched Air Nitrox. Learn to analyse the gas and plan your dives with Nitrox (up to 40% O2) – earn your SSI Enriched Air Nitrox Certification!


3,150,000 IDR
per person (1 day, 2 dives)

Approximate price in EUR, GBP, USD

SSI Waves, tides & currents

Advanced Scuba Training
Waves, Tides and Curents
Learn to dive in the drifts
If you are on Nusa Penida – this is the best time and place to learn about diving in currents, changing tides and waves. SSI Waves Tides & Currents certification – tons of fun on drift dives!


3,000,000 IDR
per person (1 day, 2 dives)

Approximate price in EUR, GBP, USD


Advanced Scuba Training
Perfect Buoyancy
Master the key element of scuba diving
Master the key scuba diving skill – perfect your buoyancy! SSI Perfect Buoyancy program will greatly add to the quality of your diving by significantly improving your buoyancy control.


3,200,000 IDR
per person (1 day, 2 dives)

Approximate price in EUR, GBP, USD

SSI PHOTO & VIDEo program

Underwater Photo & Video
Do you like the photography on our website? Have you seen our Facebook or Instagram pages? Learn the basics of underwater photo & video and post-processing – sign up for SSI Photo & Video Program!


4,000,000 IDR
per person (2 days, 4 dives, all gear)

Approximate price in EUR, GBP, USD


Equipment Specialist
Ever wondered what’s inside you regulator and BCD or how they work? Have you seen the inside of a scuba tank? Learn how to handle, service and maintain your gear with SSI Equipment Techniques Program .


2,500,000 IDR
per person (non-diving program)

Approximate price in EUR, GBP, USD

ADVANCEd training BUndles

Choose any two of the SSI Advanced Training courses we teach and let us know – we will create a special bundle for you, saving your time and money with no compromises on training quality.
Here are some of our favourite ones:

Deep Diver
EAN Nitrox

DEEP Diving + EAN Nitrox


6,100,000 IDR (2 days, 4 dives)
2 dives on Nitrox

Approximate price in EUR, GBP, USD

Combine your Deep Diving training with Nitrox.
Four deep dives, two of them using Nitrox.
Great value, massive saving.

Drift Diving
EAN Nitrox

Waves, Tides & Currents + EAN Nitrox


4,500,000 IDR (1 day, 2 dives)
2 dives on Nitrox

Approximate price in EUR, GBP, USD

Learn to drift dive and use Enriched Air.
Two drift dives, both of them using Nitrox.
Real bargain.

Deep Diver
Drift Diving

DEEP Diving + Waves, Tides & Currents (Drift Diving)


6,000,000 IDR (2 days, 4 dives)
2 deep drift dives

Approximate price in EUR, GBP, USD

Deep drifts is basically a description of most dives on Nusa Penida. Arguably the best place to learn deep drift diving.

Perfect buoyancy
Deep Diver

Perfect Buoyancy + Deep Diving


6,000,000 IDR (2 days, 4 dives)
2 perfect buoyancy dives

Approximate price in EUR, GBP, USD

Enhance your buoyancy and get deep certified.
All of the above while diving best dives sites of Nusa Penida.

Why would you do your Diving course with US?

Diving Courses, Rescue and Safety


In response to the pandemic we’ve introduced the safety protocols to protect our staff and guests. We follow the latest recommendations of Divers Alert Network (DAN), SSI and Indonesian government. All the gear and surfaces on our boat and at the dive centre are being cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis. Usage of the masks and hand sanitisers is a must on our premises. All our guests and staff get their temperature checked before entering the premises. The number of guests we take on the boat has been reduced so we can ensure 1,5+ meters of a social distancing.

All Pure Dive Resort staff received the COVID-19 vaccine, provided by the Government of Republic of Indonesia.

Diving Courses, Equipment Techniques


Your safety is our absolute priority.
All our gear and tanks is regularly checked and maintained by trained personnel.
We’ve chosen Scubapro for our rental gear, our management and staff attend service workshops and updates on a yearly basis.
Our Luxfer tanks are filled with arguably the purest air on the island using our own filling station with Bauer compressor and custom-made industrial grade filtration system.
We run our own custom built dive boat equipped with 2×100 hp Yamaha engines, marine radio, lifejackets and emergency oxygen.

Diving Courses Equipment Techniques

We limit the amount of divers onboard to maximum of 14 pax. Every member of our boat staff and dive crew is EFR certified.
Knowledge of the local dive sites and conditions and over 10 years of experience in diving Nusa Penida professionally allow us to choose the dive sites with the best conditions on the given day.
No matter what you are signed up for – a daily scuba dive trip or a scuba course – you’ll feel safe and comfortable.
No more than 2 participants per instructor during your Try Diving / Discover Scuba experience.
Maximum of 4 certified divers of same or similar level per dive guide on your fun dive trip.
Maximum of 4 students per instructor during a diving course of your choosing.

Diving Courses Boat Diving


We are located right between two harbours of Nusa Penida – Toyapakeh or Banjar Nyuh and Sampalan.
Getting to Nusa Penida from Bali takes 35-40 minutes by regular speedboats.
It’s super easy to reach us from most places on the island.
If you don’t drive a scooter and are staying further than walking distance from us – we’ll pick you up and drop you off. It’s free.
Our boat is parked 30 meters away from our doorstep. You don’t need to drive anywhere to get onboard. We just walk to the beach.

Your gear is assembled, checked and brought to the boat before the dive. We take it back to the shop and clean it as well.
The only thing you need to do is double check it before the dive yourself.
You don’t have to do the heavy lifting, unless you want it.
Drinking water, coffee, tea and refreshments onboard on any 2+ dives trip.
Sarongs (thin towels) provided for each guest.
Lunch at a cafe on the beach where our boat parks after any 2 dives trip.

Diving Courses Deepest Pool


Wide range of wetsuits sizes and thickness to choose from, all full length, 3 and 5 mm.

It’s our absolute pleasure to take you diving to the best dive sites of Nusa Penida, however the weather conditions around the island can make some of the dive sites inaccessible. The safety of our guests and staff is number one priority for us, meaning that sometimes we cannot get to some particular areas.
We keep our prices, payment, discount and refund policies clear and transparent for you.
There are no hidden fees, charges or surcharges for gear, fuel or distance to the dive site.

Whether you are joining our daily scuba trips or signed up for the course with us, our facilities are yours to enjoy.
Probably the largest and deepest dive training pool on the island. Perfect for after dive chill as well.
Spacious and comfortable classroom. Right next to the pool.
Wi-Fi access onsite. Share your experience with friends and family instantly!
Dedicated camera room to work with your rig after diving.

To learn more about our prices, special offers, promos, discounts, booking, payment and cancellation policy – have a look at the Prices section of our site.