Dive nusa penida

Two Fun Dives Trip | Three Fun Dives Trip
for certified divers

dive nusa penida with Pure dive

Dive Nusa Penida - manta ray



1,600,000 IDR (2 dives)
no hidden fees or charges

Approximate price in: EUR, GBP, USD

Dive Nusa Penida - mola-mola

Three dives trip


2,100,000 IDR (3 dives)
no hidden fees or charges

Approximate price in EUR, GBP, USD

Dive Nusa Penida

Dive nusa penida –


full set of scuba gear (excluding dive computer)
professional dive guide
refreshments, water and towel onboard
lunch at the cafe on the beach upon arrival
free WiFi on the premises


dive computer rental
15L tank rental
underwater camera rental
EAN Nitrox
private guiding

Dive Nusa Penida - fun diving trips

Your nusa penida Dive trip

Massive pelagic dwellers like mantas, oceanic sunfish or mola-mola (seasonally), tunas, trevallies and occasional sharks. Spectacular drifts over lush coral slopes or along the walls. Fantastic macro life and abundance of turtles. That and much more is why we dive Nusa Penida.

Dive Nusa Penida - fun diving trips

Your schedule to Dive Nusa Penida

We are leaving for diving right from the beach across the road from our shop daily between 8 and 8:30 a.m. Our boat goes out for two dives, after that we return to the shore for a tasty traditional lunch. The whole trip usually lasts 4-4,5 hours. If you start feeling worried about being thirsty to hungry while onboard – we’ve got you covered, there gonna be snacks, tea, coffee and plenty of water available!
2 dives a day are not enough for you? Sign up for the trip leaving at 1-1:30 p.m.! Get more fun out of one day!
Mind that you need to stay on Penida to be able to go diving with us. Getting here in time from Bali the same day won’t be possible.

Your Dive Gear

Pure Dive Resort operates all daily dive trips from its own speed boat, equipped with powerful engines as well as marine radio, emergency oxygen, first aid kit, life jackets etc. 
We are happy to be offering Scubapro gear for our guests, the brand that became the synonym for safety, reliability and durability in diving industry long time ago. Our tanks are filled with purest air thanks to our Bauer compressor and state-of-the-art filtration system. Needless to say all our gear and tanks are being checked, cleaned and serviced on a regular basis.

Your diving experience

Small groups! No more than 4 certified divers for 1 guide.
Matching group members level! We do our best to compile groups of people with similar or close experience and certification level.
Best dive sites! We are going to the dive sites with the best conditions at the time of the dive.
To get an idea how the diving here usually is – check out our Instagram!

Your Dive Safety

Safety of our guests is our top priority while planning and organising our daily dive trips.
Please keep in mind that some dive sites in the area are very condition dependant. Manta Bay, Manta Point and Crystal Bay are probably the most popular dive sites in the area. However these dive sites are located in the south part of Nusa Penida thus being exposed to the swell and surge the most. We can usually predict the conditions roughly 5-7days in advance, but sometimes the mother nature behaves, making the diving on those sites impossible due to the swell.
Please allow for the sufficient surface interval before you take a flight after your last dive. We’d recommend you to consider planning your flight no earlier than 24 hours after your last dive.
Let us know your flight time so we can adjust your booking accordingly

Dive Nusa penida - bookings


Great! You’ve read until here and we do have good news for you!
All of the above (certified guide, snacks and refreshments onboard, lunch, wrapping sarong and many more) is included into your dive trip price:

There are no extra surcharges for gear, fuel or anything else. Our rates are simple and clear.

You can do up to 4 dives a day with Pure Dive Resort. Check our Prices page or contact us for more information.
Don’t forget to have a look at our Package offers. We are sure there are some sweet deals to be found.

Dive Nusa Penida - discounts


Discounts. Arguably, the best part of this page.

– 5 to 9 dives – 5% discount from the published price
– 10 to 14 dives – 10% discount from the published price
– 15 to 19 dives – 15% discount from the published price
– 20+ dives – 20% discount from the published price
– bring your own full set of gear – 10% discount
– active status diving professional – 10% discount
Maximum discount – 20%.

Nusa penida fun diving trips

Booking, payment and cancellation policies

Cancellation and refund policy

Life is usually full of surprises and sometimes they are not exactly what we expect.
We strongly recommend you arrange travel insurance for your holiday, which may help you to smooth out unforeseen problems that might occur during your trip (hopefully not).
If you decide to or have to cancel your booked trip or package last minute – we won’t be able to refund.
We will definitely do our best to help our guests out and reschedule the booked trip, though sometimes it’s simply not possible.

All Nusa Penida Fun diving, Dive&Stay Packages, SSI Courses and Learn&Stay Packages
If you wish to cancel your booking 30 or more days prior to the booked date – we’ll refund the full amount (excluding transfer fees and charges). We will return 50 percent of the paid deposit if the cancellation is made within the period of 30 to 20 days prior to your booking. If you cancel less than 20 days prior to your booking your deposit is non-refundable.

Immediate cancellations “on the spot” due to medical conditions will be handled by the management on an individual case basis.

To learn more about our prices, special offers, promos, discounts, booking, payment and cancellation policy – have a look at the Prices section of our site.